Restaurants, Retail
& Small Business

We secure small businesses, retail, restaurants, warehouses, and more both inside and out.

& Industrial

We specialize in large scale security system installation for any size commercial or industrial space.


We keep students safe and parents at ease by securing both the inside and outside.

Professional Security Systems & Installations

Milton Tech provides security solutions that provide peace of mind, remote viewing and app-enabled features like pan, tilt & zoom as well as DVR recording, motion detection, and more.  Our powerful line of commercial surveillance systems is packed full of features like 4K recording, IR night vision, full color night vision, Artificial intelligence features such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, and human body detection, pan & tilt controls that help prevent break-ins, vandalism, and more. We support businesses that care about smart security.

Professional Security Systems & Installations


Unrivaled Commercial Security

4k Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

Our indoor cameras record in 4K and connect to our app so users can easily keep an eye on their business even while they’re away. Our outdoor cameras are completely weather sealed and record in 4K with build in infrared (IR) for crystal clear night time recording.

Professional Access Control

Professional access control systems have become increasingly important over the past several years and the industry has seen a lot of upgrades. We offer solutions that give so many enhanced features, better security, and increased flexibility.

Expandable Storage Solutions

Control how long you would like your recordings to last and how far back you would like to be able to view by easily upgrading the internal hard drive even after purchase and having more room to store important footage and events in your business or home.

Artificial intelligence Features

Eliminating human error is a key driver behind bringing Artificial Intelligence to security through intelligent video analytics, this is the reason our team strive to bring to our customer the most cutting edge technologies that are available in the market