Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grant multiple users access to security cameras?
It only takes a few clicks to set security permissions that allow access to additional users. System administrators can quickly do this from the account portal. From the portal, select which users you would like to delegate access to so they can view and manage video footage.
Can I use my current cameras?
Our system is very flexible. If you have existing cameras at your business, our technicians will determine if the equipment can be utilized with our proprietary system. In many cases, existing cameras and wiring infrastructure are compatible with Milton Tech equipment.
What Is the quality of the video?
Although our security cameras record in high definition, video quality is dependent on many factors. These factors include camera angle, exterior and interior light conditions, and system bandwidth. Our experts will work to determine your business needs, and then install cameras in the most strategic positions so that you have the clearest possible footage.
Is there an App?
We offer a comprehensive suite of mobile applications that allow you to view, monitor, and store video footage with just a few taps. Consult with a Milton Tech agent to determine which app is the most suitable for your system.
Do our security cameras come with warranty?
All of our business security solutions, including security cameras come with 90 days labor warranty, and 2 years equipment warranty. During this period, we’ll replace any equipment that is damaged or not functioning properly. After the initial 90-day period, your yearly service fee will cover normal equipment maintenance . Your monthly fee also covers technical support, should you need it.
What is installation timeline?
Installation time depends on the complexity of your system design. After we draw up the plans, we’ll set an installation date that works with your schedule. Then we will install the camera system, train you on how to use it, and be ready to provide assistance if you have any questions.
What happens if system goes down?
You can always check on the status of your system at any time through our mobile app. The app will send notifications regarding camera snapshots, hard drive status, failure alerts, and more. And our technical support staff is always ready to assist you when an issue arises.
What is video storage capacity?
Storage capacity depends on the number of security cameras and the type of recording settings that are configured. We’ll calibrate your system to ensure you have the storage capacity you need, without sacrificing system efficiency. Our system stores video files locally, but you have the option to export incident files to the cloud whenever you desire.
Can I easily access multiple properties location?
We can help you manage all your security camera feeds from the convenience of one easy-to-use dashboard. Our online platform allows you to quickly access multiple sites’ security footage with the click of a button, no matter where you are.
How responsive is Milton Tech on any potential problem we have?
You can contact us for routine technical and/or equipment support during normal business hours. Our technical support staff is knowledgeable, and will work to quickly resolve any problems. If necessary, we’ll dispatch a technician to your location to resolve the problem within 3 business days.