Maintenance Plan

Your security system is an investment in your business. In order to keep it operating at its best, routine maintenance is required. With our yearly security maintenance plans, you can give yourself the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your system will always be up-to-date and in perfect working order.

security maintenance

Our security maintenance plans are created specifically for you and the needs of your security system and they include:


Up to 6 service calls a year free of charge.


In case we have to replace piece of equipment that is not under factory warranty, there will be no increase in price regardless of equipment value fluctuation.


There will be no extra cost for traveling expenses.

Annual System Inspection and Testing

Once per year we will come out to your property and visually inspect and test all components of your security system.

Priority Scheduling

We will respond to your service call within 3 business days.

Software Support Agreements

If there are ever any issues with the software, our team will remotely help.

Software Upgrades

Always have updated software available to keep your system running..


When you have a yearly security maintenance plan in place, you can rest easy knowing that your security system will always be operating at its best.

Additionally, our security maintenance plans mean that you won’t have to worry about unexpected problems or hefty repair bills. With a flat yearly rate, you will be able to easily budget your security system expenses instead of dealing with huge variables.

We specialize in high-quality commercial security systems to protect your most valued possessions.